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Yesenia with daughter.


TPS helps survivors of war and natural disaster build lives in the United States, work legally, and pay taxes. They contribute in their workplaces and communities, and to our economy. This is their home. But they have no pathway to citizenship.

Yesenia from El Salvador, and thousands like her, could soon face an awful choice: leave their families and return to an unsafe country—or go into the shadows and risk exploitation.

Our Members, Our Co-Workers: Unions Are Organizing for Migrant Justice.

Why We Need to Fix TPS.

TPS residents are contributors. The average TPS resident works 40-45 hours per week. They pay taxes; many own homes and support families.

Ending TPS would tear families apart. Many TPS residents have American children and spouses.

Forcing out TPS residents would devastate our economy. Laying off TPS workers would cost employers $967 million in turnover costs. It would cost $164 billion in lost GDP, plus $6.9 billion in lost Social Security and Medicare payments over a decade. 60,000 TPS families would be forced to drop mortgages. Mass TPS deportations would cost taxpayers $3 billion dollars.

Congress can create a permanent legal pathway for TPS residents. TPS has been renewed many times by both parties, but right now TPS residents have no pathway to citizenship. It is time for bipartisan legislation to protect TPS families.

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