Working Families United to Protect Our Coworkers and Neighbors with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) 

When there is a natural disaster, dangerous armed conflict, or political repression around the world the United States has made it tradition to offer temporary protected status (TPS) to those whose lives are disrupted, threatened, or harmed and who cannot return to their country. 

The Department of Homeland Security requires TPS recipients from eligible countries to pay for registration, processing, and regular renewal to participate in the program. To date, 300,000 working people have been offered safety in the US as a result of TPS status. 

Now that tradition and the hundreds of thousands of families who have become our neighbors and co-workers are under threat. The previous Administration under Trump, created a crisis by cancelling TPS for almost every eligible country.  These announcements have put the fate of the union members with TPS and their families who now call the US home into jeopardy. 

Working Families United is a coalition of labor unions seeking immigrant worker justice. Together, we represent 4 million US workers. Our goal is to keep workers with TPS safe and the lives they’ve established in tact. We’re building worker power to push every branch of government for protections and a permanent legal pathway.

An attack on workers with TPS is an attack on all workers. Workers with TPS contribute in every industry: 50,000 in construction, 30,000+ in restaurants and other food services, 15,000 in landscaping services, 10,000 in child care services, and 9,000 in grocery stores, just to name a few.

Working Families United will defend our members from losing their status and advocate for all workers with TPS through:

  • Organizing: We’re building worker power in our union halls and communities to protect each other and ensure our elected officials do the same.
  • Litigation: Our members are suing to prevent the cancellations from going into effect.
  • Legislation: We’re pushing for Congress to pass the Van Hollen (S2144) bill in the Senate and the Velazquez bill (HR4253) in the House for a permanent solution.
  • Communications: We’re on social media and in the press to educate, recruit, and persuade.

How Cancelling TPS Affects Union Members and How We’re Fighting Back

“If I lose my TPS, not only will then I lose my union job but I may also be seperated from my family and deported.” – Donaldo Posadas, IUPAT District Council 21 member

“Working in construction gave me economic stability.  I’ve had the opportunity to have a decent life with my family and to continue supporting my children’s dreams. I’m scared because if TPS is gone, everything I have achieved will be gone, too”  -Lorena Berrios (Local 78 Member in Long Island City, N.Y.)

“It’s just sad we’re being targeted.  The only thing we’re asking for is a chance to change our status”   Isrrael Rodriguez (Local 78 member in Long Island City, N.Y.)

Workers with TPS Live in Every State and Work in Every Industry

State TPS holders     Industry TPS Holders
California 55,000     Construction 60,000
Florida 44,800     Restaurants & Food Service 30,800
Maryland 22,500     Landscaping 15,500
Massachusetts 7,800     Childcare 10,000
Nevada 6,300     Grocery Stores 9,000
New York 26,000      
Texas 44,800      
Virginia 23,500