Senators’ TPS Proposal for Venezuelans Shows Necessity & Urgency to Save TPS

Working Families United Urges Senators to Support the SECURE Act

In reaction to the introduction of the Venezuela Temporary Protected Status and Asylum Assistance Act of 2018 by Senators Leahy, Menendez, Durbin, and Rubio proposing to extend TPS to eligible Venezuelans, Working Families United issued the following:

“The bipartisan proposal by the Senators to extend Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans who cannot safely return to their country given current conditions shows the necessity of the TPS program as a whole. It upholds the values that have made it a tradition of our country to offer safety to those whose lives are threatened and whose return is impossible.  

We urge all Senators who support TPS for Venezuela to also support the SECURE Act (S. 2192). The SECURE Act is the solution that fixes the TPS program for current participants and continues to ensure the safety of people from all the countries experiencing dangers and uncertainty similar to Venezuela.”


Working Families United is a coalition of labor unions seeking immigrant worker justice. Together, we represent 4 million U.S. workers.
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