As White House Cancels TPS Protections for Natural Disaster Survivors from Honduras, Working Families United Say, “Enough is Enough,” Demand Congress Act to Prevent Mass Deportations

WASHINGTON (May 4) — Working Families United, a coalition that represents more than two million union workers, issued the following statement on today’s White House decision to end TPS protections for Honduran nationals:

“We are outraged by the Trump administration’s decision to cancel TPS protections for 60,000 hardworking survivors of natural disaster from Honduras. By cancel protections for men and women who pay taxes, have undergone thorough background checks, are experienced, often skilled workers, and who contribute to our country every day, the White House is throwing the future of these families, their workplaces and communities, and our economy into turmoil.

In the span of just nine months–against our economic and security interests, and against our nation’s values–Trump’s DHS has cancelled protections for hardworking families from six countries. In September, Trump’s DHS cancelled TPS protections for Sudan, where civil war has displaced two million people; in November, for Haiti whose people continue to rebuild following natural disaster after natural disaster. In January, TPs was canceled for Nicaragua and El Salvador. Last month, it was Nepal, which is still rebuilding critical infrastructure after devastating earthquakes. And today, it is Honduras.”

“TPS holders from Honduras face grave danger if forced to return. The country continues to struggle with epidemics of dengue and other mosquito-borne illnesses and food insecurity, following Hurricane Mitch, subsequent tropical storms and a devastating drought. These dangers are compounded by riots following last year’s contested Presidential elections; at least 31 Hondurans have been killed in the unrest since last December.

“The message is clear: The Trump White House will use any and every cruel, senseless tactic to attack legal immigration and destabilize hardworking communities across the country. Today, we say enough is enough..

“We will not turn our backs on our coworkers, neighbors and family members who contribute to this country thanks to TPS. We will continue to stand with them. Congress must act to create a pathway to permanent status for all TPS holders.”

Contact: Anna Oman, [email protected], 301-979-5899