BREAKING: Northern District of California Judge Grants Injunction on Termination of TPS


Unions Representing 3.5 Million Members Applaud Ruling,
Call on Congress to Offer Permanent Protections


In reaction to the news that a federal judge issued an injunction in the class action lawsuit filed by workers with TPS and their US citizen children to block the Trump administration’s plan to terminate TPS for Sudan, Haiti, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, Working Families United issued the following:


The hundreds of thousands of workers with TPS who build our cities and keep them running deserve the security of knowing the lives they’ve built in the US are safe. This shows that Trump’s move to terminate TPS was based in his racial motivations and not in any law or consideration of safety.  

With the suit still in court, Congress must act to create a pathway to legal residency and make the protections permanent.

We won’t allow the Trump administration to strip away our members or strip away their rights. An attack on workers with TPS is an attack on unions.  We will keep organizing until we see action in every branch of government to protect workers and union members with TPS.  


TPS recipients in search of support or additional information on their status can connect with the coalition via or at its website

The coalition is collecting signatures in support of legislation to make protections permanent at

Working Families United is a coalition of six unions representing 3.5 million workers seeking immigrant justice. Members include UNITE HERE, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Ironworkers, Bricklayers, United Food and Commercial Workers, Teamsters