Highlights from the House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Dream and TPS

On March 6th, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the fate of Dreamers, immigrants with DED, and TPS Holders.

While more than a decade of organizing for the Dream Act made everyone familiar with DACA and the status of undocumented youth, Rep. Nadler broke down exactly what is TPS and what would happen if it was cancelled.

Jin Park came to the US at a young age and now is a Rhodes Scholar. He testified why DACA recipients need permanent status.


Yazmin Irazoqui Ruiz of the NM Dream Team explained that the terrorizing policies of Sheriff Arpaio drove her family from Arizona.  And made the case for permanent protections for DACA recipients.


read her full testimony here

Yatta Kiazolu whose DED status could end in a matter of days if Congress does not act swiftly powerfully discussed the effort of her working family and her aspirations as a historian.

Read her full testimony at UndocuBlack here.

TPS holder, father of four, and coordinator of the National TPS Alliance, Jose Palma brought the room to tears with his explanation of what life in limbo means and what contributions TPS holders make.

Read his full testimony at the TPS Alliance here

Rep. Nadler asked Palma to explain how he explains the limbo to his children. There are more than 275,000 US Citizen children whose parents have TPS and are facing an uncertain future.

Kiazolu has had both TPS and DED and is by all means a dreamer. Rep. Lofgren asked her why the fate of the different programs should be saved together.

Rep. Cohen of Tennessee – unlike the Administration – investigated conditions in Honduras, key to understanding the need for TPS and the risk to people who would be sent back.

Rep. Cicilline summarized the situation. He apologized that Dreamers, DED and TPS holders have yet to get the place they deserve and have earned and thanked the witnesses for what they’ve done for the country.


While the Hearing continued, Representatives and advocates rallied outside and announced the soon to be introduced legislation, the Dream and Promise Act (HR6)

Rep. Raskin gave witnesses the opportunity to answer – in 15 seconds or less – “What does America mean to you?”

And while the Committee hearing discussed the fate of TPS holders and Dreamers, the people whose fate is in limbo filled the halls and met with Representatives to build support for legislation that would give them a stable future.



Watch the full hearing here